• Startup Consultation Clinic

    One-to-One Consultation to PolyU Startups offered by Our Entrepreneurs-in-residence (EIRs)

    Albert AU


    Acesobee Limited




    Entrepreneurship, Business Administration, Information Technology, Healthcare, Healthcare Technology

    James Munro BOON

    Social Entrepreneur, Branding Specialist




    Social Entrepreneurship, International Branding and Marketing

    Andrew CHEN

    Managing Partner,

    Arion Ventures



    Entrepreneurship, Strategy Consulting, New Market Strategy, Growth Strategy, Marketing, Branding and Identity, Strategic Intelligence, Leadership & Human Resources, and Technology

    Felix LAM

    Educator, angel investor and business advisor for early-stage technology startups in Hong Kong, US, China, Australia and Taiwan



    Startup Fundraising, Startup Business Modelling, Impact Investing

    Eugenia LO

    Senior Management of Professional Service and Impact Investment Firms



    Social / Impact Investments, NGO and Social Enterprises Advisory, Project Management, Financial Advisory and Due Diligence

    Leroy YAU

    Angel investor, startup mentor and trainer




    Accounting, Business & IT Advisory, Risk Management, Financial Control and Cyber Security

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