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The PolyU InnoHub Newlsetter May 2017

| Spring edition Vol. 1 2017 |

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Welcome to the first edition of The PolyU InnoHub Newsletter! This quarterly newsletter will bring you with the latest news, activities and events organized by PolyU InnoHub and Institute for Entrepreneurship.

PolyU Launches the PolyU InnoHub to cultivate regional entrepreneurship community

The PolyU InnoHub is a co-creation and co-working space on campus for the University community and stakeholders to further promote innovation and entrepreneurship at a regional level.

Launched on 15th March, we were honored to have the ceremony officiated by Mr Nicholas Yang, Secretary for Innovation and Technology, the Government of HKSAR, Mr Chan Tze-ching, Chairman of the PolyU Council and Professor Timothy W. Tong, President of PolyU, joined by our PolyU VIPs, council board members and strategic partners.

The InnoHub is located at the Jockey Club Innovation Tower and it plays a significant role as a catalyst to encouraging the ‘4Cs’ – Convergence of talents and technologies; Connection of students, academia, entrepreneurs and the industry; Collaboration of multi-disciplinary and cross-sectors projects; and a Community of practice and networks with both local and regional institutions and organizations.

These partners include the National University of Singapore (NUS), Fudan University and Tongji University in Shanghai, National Taiwan University and the National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan and the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) and the Hong Kong Business Angels Network (HKBAN) to name a few.

PolyU Supported Startups Scooping Prizes

Our PolyU Startups have always been doing well in their business and have long been recognized by industry practitioners with many local and overseas awards. We are proud to share with you that so far this year, 10 Startups have won a total of 11 awards in various competitions, which include -

  1. Green Price (PolyU Micro Fund 2017 Awardee)
    Roadshow Eco Star 2016
  2. PaterMater 上有高堂 (PolyU Micro Fund 2017 Awardee)
    HKSEC 2016 1st Runner Up
  3. Zunosaki (2015 Tech Incubation Fund Awardee)
    ‘千Fund一指 ’ Venture Fund Competition – Technology Innovation Award
  4. 36 Link (2017 Tech Launchpad Fund Awardee)
    ‘千Fund一指 ’ Venture Fund Competition – Professional Jury Award
  5. Jab-Jab-X (2017 Tech Incubation Fund Awardee)
    B4B Challenge (Individual Stream) Champion
  6. Studio-R Co. Ltd. (2014 PolyU Micro Fund Awardee)  - Best ICT Award 2017 
    Best Business Solution (Application) Certificate of Merit and
    Best Business Solution (Application) Outstanding SME Award
  7. CHEARS Technology Co. Ltd. (2015 PolyU Micro Fund Awardee) - Best ICT Award 2017
    Best Smart Hong Kong (Digital Inclusion Application) Silver Award
  8. Holumino Ltd. (2015 Tech Incubation Fund Awardee) - Best ICT Award 2017
    Best ICT Startup (Software & Apps) Bronze Award
  9. Innoplay Ltd. (2016 PolyU Micro Fund Awardee) - Best ICT Award 2017
    Best ICT Startup (Software & Apps) Certificate of Merit
  10. Nearko Ltd. (2015 PolyU Micro Fund Awardee) – Best ICT Award 2017
    Best Digital Entertainment (Animation & Visual Effects) Special Mention (Story / Screenplay)  

Good Seed Social Innovation Study Tour to Taiwan

A social innovation study tour to Taiwan was organized from 10 – 13 January, with a group of 18 social innovators under the Good Seed Programme participated in this 4-day tour. Visits were arranged to a number of social enterprises, academic institution like National Taiwan University, and social enterprise co-working spaces and incubators. Sharing sessions at SE Hub and Impact Hub Taipei were held between the social innovators and local Taipei social entrepreneurs to share their entrepreneurial journey and stories.

The MIT Entrepreneurship Maker System Integrator (MIT MEMSI) Program

PolyU collaborated with MIT as the hosting partner of MIT MEMSI Program from 8 - 21 January. A group of 15 students teamed up with 14 MIT students to form six teams and were given the task to develop new ideas and build functional prototypes, under the assistance of technicians and engineers from the Industry Centre (IC) and equipment support from the University Research Facility in 3D Printing.

Social Innovation Forum and Good Seed Award Presentation

Officiated by Prof Tong, the President of PolyU, and Prof Stephen Cheung, Chairperson of the Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund Task Force, PolyU organised the Social Innovation Forum and Good Seed Award Presentation Ceremony on 25 February in celebration of PolyU's 80th Anniversary.

With the theme of ‘Youth Power: Dare to Dream, Dare to Change’, the forum aimed to promote entrepreneurial culture of the ‘Do Well Do Good’ spirit and drive sustainable development of social innovation and entrepreneurship through inspirational sharing, exchange and networking activities.

The forum featured keynote presentations from two distinctive overseas speakers – Mr Kevin Yang, Founder of 5% Design Action of Taiwan and Mr Kim Hyung Soo, Founder of TreePlanet of Korea, along with four panel discussions with a group of local social innovators and entrepreneurs, covering topics on booming young social innovators, sustainability, education and social inclusion.

Startup Weekend PolyU organized @ InnoHub

The Startup Weekend PolyU (SW PolyU) was organized at the PolyU InnoHub from 17 to 19 March with Institute for Entrepreneurship (IfE) of the PolyU as Strategic Partner. This was the second SW PolyU since its first launch in April 2016 and has attracted close to 50 participants from not only PolyU students or graduates, but also other local institutions and working professionals. The participants formed 10 teams to compete for three prizes with their startup ideas developed over the 54 hours in the weekend.

Launch of China Entrepreneurship Fund 2017 & China Entrepreneurship Forum

Officiated by Dr Miranda Lou, Vice President (Administration and Business) of PolyU, the China Entrepreneurship Forum cum award presentation ceremony for the China Entrepreneurship Fund (CEF) was organized on 7 April at our PolyU Shenzhen Base.


The event attracted 100 participants from both Hong Kong and Shenzhen, and two keynote speakers were invited from Techcode and Lenovo Capital to share their insights on challenges and opportunities for Hong Kong young entrepreneurs in China and in the global arena. A panel discussion was also held with the two speakers and two founders of PolyU supported startups.

PolyU Startups visit Singapore for Business Outreaching

IfE has recently organized an overseas trip to Singapore in early May together with six PolyU supported startups to attend the annual InnovFest Unbound conference organized by the NUS Enterprise and Unbound. In addition, visits to various key players of the Singapore startup eco-system were also arranged, such as the Action Community for Entrepreneurship (ACE), SGInnovate, Entrepreneur First (ef.) and a pitching session to angel investors for the startups organized by NUS Enterprise.

The delegation also visited the newly launched Expedia Innovation Lab to experience the latest technology in user behavior trends and predictions.

Overall the trip achieved the intend outcome to connect with some local Singaporean startups, incubators, investors, etc., and to align potential business networks and opportunities in Singapore and surrounding countries.

IfE organized a seminar on 'Successful Pathway for University Technology Commercialization'

A seminar with topic “Successful Pathway for University Technology” was organized on 10 May at PolyU. Two distinguished overseas speakers and technology transfer professionals, Mr Ben Soffer, CEO of Technion Tech Transfer Office from Israel, and Mr Sean Flanigan, Director of Industry Liaison Office from National University of Singapore, were invited to share their insights and experience on how to promote and measure successful of university’s technology transfer. The talk attracted a diversed group of audience including local technology transfer practitioners, academics, government officials, startups and students.

Our Upcoming events

  1. HKTDC Entrepreneur Day [19 – 20 May]
    Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
  2. China Entrepreneurship Bootcamp [19 – 24 May]
  3. Stars Connected [5 June]
    The Intercontinental Hotel 
  4. TechCrunch China [17-20 June]
  5. MIT-China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum [5 July]
    V322, PolyU 
  6. Education Technology Panel Talk (in partnership with UNLEARN and RISE Conference) [11 July]
    TU201, PolyU 
  7. Alibaba 諸神之戰香港站 Entrepreneurship Competition [21 July]
    PolyU InnoHub 

"Don’t worry about failure, you only have to be right once."
– Drew Houston Co-founder & CEO, Dropbox

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